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LSHS Vision:

Lee's Summit High School is an exemplary school striving to provide a supportive learning community that prepares each student to clarify and pursue his/her personal life vision and achieve his/her academic potential.

LSHS Goals:

Each student will demonstrate growth in academic achievement. Each student will explore and prepare for post high school options. Each Student will increase his/her sense of belonging at LSHS.

LSHS Commitments:

~Engaging students in research-based programs in a technology-rich environment.

~Embracing open, honest two-way communication.

~Promoting continuous improvement through collaboration and data-driven decision making.

~Sustaining positive relationships among student, staff, families and community members.

~Ensuring a rigorous and relevant learning experience that leads to success for each student.

~Partnering with students in identifying and achieving their learning goals.

~Continuing a safe and caring environment.

~Accepting each person as an individual.

~Celebrating success.

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